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Trying to get wiring information on CertifID?

What is CertifID?

CertifID is a fast and simple process that allows your title company or law office to confirm your identity and securely send you wiring information.

Quick 4-Step Process

Icon Email

Receive an email and/or text message from CertifID.

Icon Fingerprint

Follow the link to validate your phone number and identity.

Icon Document

Securely access the wiring information and download the PDF.

Icon Bank

Take the wiring information to your bank and initiate your wire


Fraud is scary.

$1.5 billion estimated in stolen real estate scams.

Wiring funds shouldn’t be.

Every transaction protected with a $1 million guarantee.

Your Funds Are Our Priority

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Protecting over $1 Billion per month.

Feel confident knowing your funds are secure.
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