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A Guaranteed Identity and
Account Verification Platform*

Fraud prevention through the world’s best technology

Our Certificate of Identity Guarantee is a ground-breaking offering that covers our clients up to $1,000,000 if they are victims of fraud resulting from an identity and bank account information request that CertifID approved.*

The CertifID Platform

CertifID enables its enterprise users to quickly send and receive requests to confirm identity and bank account information. All activity is stored in an enterprise dashboard that is secure and user friendly.


Digital Verification

Harnessing billions of digital records and associative metadata to create “digital truth” at the device level. We ensure that each user is connecting through trusted devices that they own or use on a regular basis. We constantly monitor user activity to re-credential identity and devices throughout each active session on our platform.


Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA)

Asking questions only they can answer.
​We’ve created a series of custom identity verification “out of wallet” questions that are used to verify the identity of an individual.


Bank Account Certification

Know that you are sending to the right account. We confirm and display real-time institution routing information and allow the account holder to confirm their own bank credentials before funds are transferred. This provides an important layer of security that ties the account to the individual immediately after their identity has been verified.


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Peace of mind through additional security. Users are required to authenticate themselves with a username, password and a unique one-time code that they and only they would receive on a device or phone that has been directly linked to them.

Download our Security Best Practices WhitePaper to see what you can start doing today to help secure your enterprise.

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