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CertifID, now available on
RamQuest’s Closing Market

Protect yourself and your clients from wire fraud.
Every wire transfer protected by CertifID, is directly insured up to $1,000,000.*

How CertifID works

CertifID is a real-time identity platform for real estate, mortgage and title
industry professionals to authenticate parties in a transaction and securely
transfer wiring information.

confirm identity

Step 1

Confirm identity

validate wiring information

Step 2

Validate wiring information

secure trust

Step 3

Transfer with trust

$1,000,000 of Direct insurance on Wire Transfers*

Why you should get CertifID

RamQuest Screenshot

Transfer risk of wire fraud

CertifID guarantees your transaction so you can completely eliminate the risk of wire fraud

Save time verifying identity

Security questions required that only the authorized individual could answer, even if their personal information is compromised

Instill trust in the transaction

Bank account certification confirms financial institution associated with routing numbers

Protect your company and customers

Digital verification analyzes device ownership and metadata for suspicious activity

RamQuest integrates with CertifID

Access to CertifID’s technology platform is now available to RamQuest customers on Closing Market to combat the threat of wire fraud.

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Wire Fraud Stops Here. Guaranteed.

Join CertifID and start sending wiring information with the
full confidence that your funds are safe.

* Certain restrictions apply, contact for more information.

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