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Download our step-by-step guide to wire fraud recovery

A Fraud Prevention Solution.

Industry professionals use CertifID to verify identity and transfer funds with trust.

$500,000 Instant Protection on Money Transfers*


Smart Technology That Keeps You Safe

Three easy steps to guarantee
money lands in the right hands:

-Our registration and sign-in process utilizes Knowledge Based Authentication, Digital Verification and Two-Factor Authentication to certify the identity of each person.

-We confirm bank routing information and account credentials from the owner of the account.

-Once the identity of the individual is confirmed and bank account credentials approved, funds are transferred with trust.

Download the CertifID WhitePaper for more details on how our solution can help you.

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Fraud Stops Here. Guaranteed*

Our patent pending technology instills trust in the
funding process with real-time identity
and bank account credentialing.

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