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CertifID was founded in 2017 by Lawrence Duthler and Tom Cronkright. Experienced attorneys, and award-winning business leaders of Sun Title, one of Michigan’s largest title agencies, ranked as an Inc. 5000 company for the past three consecutive years.

Tom and Lawrence fell victim to fraud in 2015 when they wired $180,000 to a fraudster thinking he was a legitimate seller. After two years of hunting down the culprits, they realized who they were up against. A sophisticated global network that had cracked the code on these transactions and was wreaking havoc on the more than 25,000 title companies in the US through hijacked email, fake phone numbers, and stolen credentials. Through that experience, they identified a need in the marketplace to create a real-time solution to verify identities and documents in financial transactions – CertifID was born.

Our Leadership

Tom Cronkright SMALL 01

Thomas W. Cronkright II


As an accomplished entrepreneur and licensed attorney, Tom has founded and led award-winning businesses to receive honorable recognition in their respective fields; he is also a highly sought-after speaker who lends his expertise to the world of real estate and lending-related topics across the country.

Lawrence Duthler (1 of 2)

Lawrence R. Duthler


After finding great success as a CPA and corporate attorney, Lawrence followed his passion as an entrepreneur and helped build one of the largest title agencies in Michigan. He is a visionary leader in customer service, process, and organizational development. He is a regular speaker on real estate and leadership topics.

Tyler Adams

Tyler Adams


Tyler is a detail-driven individual who thrives on leveraging technology to create value for companies and users. His experience and knowledge of product design have been instrumental in helping many Fortune 100 companies find successful solutions for everyday problems.

Bill Hook SMALL

Bill Hook


Following his national award-winning sales career, Bill has brought a personal side to the world of technology and statistics. His passion for finding data-driven solutions and helping others has proven to be an essential combination for merging people with technology.

Katie Stewart SMALL
Katie Stewart


As a Customer Success Manager, Katie loves helping people plan, launch, and optimize their use of the CertifID platform. She has spent the majority of her career in the education and IT industries gaining experience in training best practices, adult learning theory, and data analysis.

Austin Zahrt SMALL

Austin Zahrt


Austin has achieved a well-recognized sales career in the financial industry. His background in sales development has provided him the skills to build long lasting and meaningful client relationships. He is a firm believer that the key to success is by developing a positive team culture.

Manuel Zamora SMALL
Manuel Zamora


Manny has over 10 years of experience leading engineering teams at startups. He’s worked with some major players, including NetApp and TextPlus. He also created Today in History app with over 10 Million downloads.
Yagmur Coker SMALL

Yagmur Coker


Yagmur is a serial entrepreneur and highly accomplished software developer and has had multiple successful exits in the technology space. He thrives on leading teams to tackle some of the toughest issues in technology.

Chris Mannion SMALL

Chris Mannion


Chris is a recent graduate with honors from California State University-Fullerton with a degree in computer science. His passion and curiosity for technology has led him to work with other computer professionals in order to create and perfect systems that make life easier and safer.

Andrew Trejo SMALL

Andrew Trejo


Andrew has over a decade of experience in leading teams in different industries. He has a track record for yielding high results with limited resources by maintaining an agile team dynamic. Andrew enjoys being involved in early planning through strategic development and final product delivery.



Srinath Kuruvadi


As a thought leader in digital security and privacy, he has held significant positions in security teams at Google, Facebook, Snapchat and currently with Lyft. An amazingly bright individual with a passion for security infrastructure and developing strategies to meet today’s evolving security demands.


Carlos Gutierrez Jr.


Carlos’ background in government, international development, and law complements his passion for adding value to the commercial sector. An avid angel investor, Carlos is also the founder of Highline Point Group, LLC., a strategic advisory firm focused on early-stage companies. He is involved in many philanthropic endeavors and is a published author.


Trezevant Moore


With over 30 years experience in the capital markets and mortgage, REIT, GSE, servicing and insurance markets, he has served in many senior leadership roles including SVP of Freddie Mac. As a prominent leader with FirstKey Mortgage and Promontory MortgagePath, he continues to drive strategy and efficiencies in the residential mortgage markets.


Al Will


As an experienced CEO, Al is a leader in information services. He has over 30 years experience in the title and lending industries and has held numerous executive level positions in his career. He has a passion for leveraging technology to improve process and customer experience.

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