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CertifID’s solution lowers the risk profile for anyone involved in a real estate transaction:

Identity Verification.

The ability to confirm the true identity of a transaction participant at critical points and before fund are transferred.

Bank Account Credentialing.

The capability to send the bank account information to the person who will be receiving the funds.

Filling a Liability Void.

Current litigation in the US may create new channels of liability for transaction representatives when their client experiences a loss due to fraud. CertifID takes identity verification to the next level by combining digital and personal records in real-time so you know who you are communicating with before critical actions are taken.


Losses due to cyber fraud have grown exponentially in the legal services industry. The founders of CertifID know hectic and fast-paced nature of balancing great work product with the timeframes imposed by clients. CertifID provides a risk mitigation and allocation tool to keep you and your clients safe from wire fraud. Confirm identity and transfer with trust.

For additional information, feel free to read our Enterprise EULA.

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